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Technology considerations will be fairly high level and will allow you to think through some basic requirements. Knowing about the constraints and options regarding the badge issuing in both WordPress and Connect will allow you to go back and adjust your badge design, including the touchpoints or even badge types.

Badge Issuing Technologies

What tool should I use to issue badges?


WordPress is an open-source publishing platform used to power millions of websites around the world. WordPress provides an open space for engagement and integrates with BadgeOS and allows for a badge to be made "portable" to social networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

Limitations: To earn a badge in WordPress, the earner must have a valid Campus Wide Login (CWL.) This limits the use of badges in open education environments where students come from outside of UBC.

Connect (Blackboard)

Connect is a Learning Management System (LMS) on the Blackboard Learn 9 platform which incorporates many tools need to run a full course at UBC, including: Course Reserves (LOCR,) Grade Centers, and communication tools.

Limitations: Badges earned in Connect (Blackboard) are not portable. This means the badges cannot be stored anywhere else except inside of the Connect course where they were earned.

Badge Issuing Options

What options are there for issuing badges with the tools available?

When selecting the technology for your badging program, you should also consider the badge issuing options or actions available in each tool. Badges can be issued in WordPress and Connect for actions listed in table below.

Technology table Open badges.png

Getting Started

To plan the types of badges technologies you will use for your badge program, consider the following questions.

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Selecting Badge Technology - Questions
What badge types did you select in the "Types" section of the toolkit?
For example, if you are interested in badges that support earners sharing and showcasing their knowledge, the technology you choose should allow for open sharing.
What type of learning engagement are you interested in achieving in your badge program?
For example, if you want to badge student contribution, using technology that allows rating and reviewing of work may be useful.
Does the badge/badges require a rubric and review process before awarding?
If your badge requires an intermediary before it can be awarded to a student, using badge nomination technologies may be useful.