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How can I delete my data for badges and/or Learndash courses?

Note: You can only delete your data only if you are an administrator of the site.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Users> Your Profile>
  2. For clearing data for Badge OS: Under “Earned Achievements”, click on Revoke Award.
  3. For clearing data for LearnDash course: Under “Permanently Delete Course Data” , check Check and click update profile to permanently delete user's LearnDash course data. This cannot be undone.

You can clear data for badges and learn dash for yourself, but not for other users.

How can I customize the look and feel for the "mark completion" and Click here to continue button?

You can customize the styling for mark completion button with Custom CSS. Learn how to use custom CSS from: Documentation:UBC Content Management System/How to/How do I add custom CSS to my site?

For the "mark completion" button, you will have to target the ID:

#sfwd-mark-complete input[type="submit"] {

For the "click here to continue" button, you will have to target the ID:

a#quiz_continue_link {


I want the "Click to continue" button to redirect to another page

  1. Go to Dashboard>Plugins and activate Redirection plugin.
  2. Go to a page that has “click here to continue” button. Right click on the “click here to continue”, and select “copy link address “. (the link address will look something like : )
  3. Go to dashboard> Tools> Redirection. Under “Add new Redirection”, paste the copied URL to Source URL. Then on Target URL, type in the URL of the page that you will want user to go when they click “click here to continue” button.