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The following is a list of resources compiled by the Open Badges UBC team. The readings come from badge advocates and experts in the field.


  • Knight, Erin. "World of E" (Blog). Accessed June 9, 2014 from

Badge Benefits

Badge Design

  • Hickey, Daniel, Nate Otto, Rebecca Itow, Cathy Tran, Katerina Schenke and Christine Chow. "Design Principles Documentation Project." Accessed June 9, 2014 from


Purdue University

  • “Intro to Digital Badges, Part 1: Learner-owned, competency based assessment.” YouTube video, 4:26, Bill Watson's badge presentation, posted by “PurduePoly,” April 16, 2014,

Coastal Carolina University

University of California at Davis

Thompson Rivers University


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