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Creating a Badge

Before you can issue a badge to your student, you need to create one! This guide will show you how to upload an image that will become your badge, and how to set the requirements for earning it.

Check-mark-grey.pngBadge program has been planned (See: the Plan Section)
Check-mark-grey.pngWordPress site has been set up (See: WordPress set up toolkit)
Check-mark-grey.pngBadge icon has been designed (See: Icon Design Toolkit)

Step by Step

Step 1 - Dashboard

Go to Dashboard > Badge OS > Badges

badge on menu of wordpress

On the top of the page, click Add New.

Step 2 - Name Your Badge and its Requirements

Write the name of your badge in the title space. In the main window, outline the requirements for earning the badge. For example: "This badge is earned by writing three blog posts."

If you are planning to allow earners to share their badges using a Mozilla Backpack, the information here will be displayed as the criteria for earning the badge. Consider what information will be useful to badge earners learning about the badge as well as what added context might be useful to external viewers.

title and badge criteria

Step 3 - Add an image

To give your badge an image, click Set Achievement Image on the sidebar.

open badges plugin on WP menu

Navigate to an image on your computer and upload it. Enter the title and description, and click Set Achievement Image.

Make Badges Visible to Students

You may have implemented a pop-up notification that alerts students to their newly earned badge. But once that pop-up goes away, your students could lose track of what they have earned. To avoid this scenario, it is a good idea to ensure their earned badges are visible. This section will show you how to do this.

what it looks like when you achieve a badge

Step 1 - Dashboard

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

Widget as part of badge showing program

Step 2 - Select a Screen Location

Under the Available Widgets section, click and hold the rectangle containing Badge OS Earned User Achievement. Drag it across the screen, and drop it onto one of the boxes indicating a screen location. Next, click Save.

how to drag badgeos to widget area

Your students should now be able to see their earned achievements.