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LinkedIn is a business- oriented social networking site with a focus on job recruiting. LinkedIn is used to provide resume information to a large network of employers and colleagues in your field. Using LinkedIn to share your open badges can highlight skill sets and knowledge you have acquired outside of the traditional classroom setting.

To use this guide you will need the following:

  • A Mozilla Backpack Account
  • A LinkedIn Account
  • A Collection of Open Badges you would like to share publicly

Log in to your Open Badges Backpack and select the badge collection link at the top of the page.

Select the badge collection you want to display. If you have not created a badge collection, review the Creating and Organizing a Mozilla Backpack guide.

Select the “Public” box. This will allow you to share the badges openly. If this box is not selected, your badges are private view only.

Click the share icon in the collection box. This will bring you to the collection page. Copy the web browser link for this page

Go to LinkedIn and log into your account

Go to “Edit Profile” by hovering over the” Profile” link on the top left menu.

Choose which section of your profile you want to display badges. For example, the “Summary” or “Education” sections.

Hover over the + dropdown and click “Add Link.”

Paste the link into the “Add Link” field. Add descriptive information and save.

The edit box allows you to add a title, descriptive information, and to move the badge collection to other areas of your LinkedIn profile.

For best practices around descriptive information, provide a unique title and information about what the collection will contain. This may include: Types of badges, skillsets, and knowledge you acquired when earning the badges.

Your LinkedIn profile will display part of the image of your first badge in the collection. You can click on this image to read the description information.

You can also select the “Read Original” button to access the full page displaying your badges.

Issues to Consider

  • Not all LinkedIn content areas will share the open badge collections. The easier areas to share open badge collections will be in the “Summary” and “Education” areas.
  • You have to create a collection to share badges in LinkedIn even if you only want to share one badge.