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Having problems with this wiki? Please send support emails to:

Support Clinics

We host regular support clinics for people using the UBC Wiki. Clinics are currently held every Thursday from 1pm to 3pm at the via zoom. Please register for the clinics here.

General Help

Squareinfo.png Reading and Navigating the UBC Wiki

Check out the navigation page for an explanation of the basic elements of the UBC Wiki page. The searching page provides help for finding information on the wiki.

Squareinfo.png How to Create a Page

Search to see whether someone has already written a similar page before you start one yourself. Click on Create a New Page under navigation on left sidebar and use the form for the proper namespace of your new page. If you search for a page that doesn't exist (using the search box and “Go” button on the left of the page) then you will be provided with a link to create the new page. Please note that you might have to sign in with your CWL before you can see the link. See the starting a new page article for other tips and methods.

Squareinfo.png How to Edit an Existing Page

Check out the editing, formatting, and linking pages for information and help on how to edit and format your UBC Wiki content. Please note that you might have to sign in with your CWL before you can edit the UBC Wiki.

Squareinfo.png Organizing the UBC Wiki

The UBC wiki is organized into different spaces to accommodate different needs:

  • The root of the wiki is open space reserved for articles relating to UBC.
  • Course-based content or activities should be added to the Course space.
  • The Sandbox is your place to test, play, and work with the UBC Wiki.
  • Finally, there is a Documentation space, for documentation, support and other similar content.

To add a page to Course or Documentation spaces, prefix the page name with the space name and a colon (either "Course:" or "Documentation:"), for example See Help:Namespaces for more information on how the UBC Wiki is organized.

The UBC Wiki is also organized by using categories and subpages.

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Advanced Formatting

Adding and Embedding Media

Organizing Wiki page


Integration with other platforms

Wiki Teaching and Learning Resources

Popular templates


See the Help Category for additional help documentation in other spaces of the wiki.

Squarefaq.png Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page highlights common questions and provides tips and answers.

Squareinfo.pngSelf-Guided Tutorials


Sometimes, the best way to learn the wiki is from learning from other wiki pages. You can take a look at the example below:


More examples for wiki courses can be found here


More examples for documentation can be found here

Squareinfo.png MediaWiki Documentation

MediaWiki is the software platform on which the UBC Wiki runs. Check out the MediaWiki documentation for more information and help on how to create and edit content on the UBC Wiki.

Much of the content of the UBC Wiki help pages came from the public domain user guide to MediaWiki.