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Creating a Credly Account

To share your badges on a variety of social network sites, you will need to create a Credly account. Credly provides badge earners with a spaces to store, manage and showcase their badge credentials. The following guide illustrates all the steps to create an account.

For UBC badges, you must connect initially connect your Credly account to your UBC email assigned to your Campus Wide Login (CWL.)

1. Go to In the top right corner, select the "Create an Account" link.
2. Fill in all the information required. Remember, sign up with your UBC email assigned to your Campus Wide Login (CWL.)

You can change your primary email to any email you choose once you have an account.
3. Select the "Account Settings" from the profile drop down in the right corner of the screen.

From the "Account Settings" add any email you choose (e.g. gmail, hotmail, etc.) and choose which email you would like as your primary email.

This will make all badge earning notifications come to your primary email. You will also login using this email account.