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These notes pertain to the redesign of to accommodate a guide for faculty in designing open badge learning pathways for a course or learning activity.

Site content

Overall goals for the site

For visitors to:

  • understand the affordances of open badges to support learning
  • understand how to execute a basic open badge implementation in their WordPress course/learning environment
  • assess purpose and goals related to their own badge implementation.


  • Quiz on open badge benefits/purpose.
  • Nomination for badge on form submission (consider email option for them to send form to themselves as a planning guide).
  • Comment: Why do you think open badges are important for your course/project?

Top Level Themes

  • Overview: Learn
  • Considerations: Plan
  • Implementation: Create
  • Showcase: Showcase
  • Form : Engage
  • Community -> Support contacts
  • News

Theme Topics


This is the overview of the badges:

  • What are open badges?
  • What is the value of open badges? Examples.
  • What are the components of a badge? Anatomy.
  • Academic Badge Initiative


  • Purpose and goals for badge implementation
  • Learning Pathways


  • Plugins (Badge OS and Learn Dash -can be a diagram )
  • Achievements.
    • what and how?
  • Badges
    • Badge design
    • Uploading Image, adding descriptions
    • Badge Triggers
      • comments, submission, nomination, Quizzing.
  • Quizzes
    • How to make a quiz in Learn Dash
    • Quiz limitations
    • Note about interface.
    • Statistics
  • Connect Badges (we should have documentation related to this as well)


Showcase/ Examples


  • Learning wrapper?
  • Pull outs for reminders or "please note"
  • Tagging existing posts with themes.
  • Showcase form as in TWP15

Web Design 2.0

Open Badges Themes

Content divided between themes

  • Educate: information about Open Badges; pedagogy and research; how and why badges are used; further reading. The WHY of Open Badges.
  • Technical: toolkits and How To documentation; instructional videos, flowchart of badging process. The HOW of Open Badges.
  • UBC: the blog, pilot projects, events. The WHO of the UBC Open Badges project.
Open Badges Website Structure


Provides information about the project; what the website contains and who it's for; link to the "Earn a Badge" page.


Answers the Who, What, Where, Why and How. Provides summary information about digital badges, open badges, and the badge community

  • What are Open Badges
  • Why use Open Badges: value and benefits for badge issuers, badge earners, and the badge community
  • Who is using Open Badges: links to badging projects in different sectors, possibly with short explanatory notes.
  • Badging Pathways: level & metalevel badges, learning pathways
  • Further Reading


Educational design, decision making guide.

  • Getting Started Toolkit ---- similar to the paper based Badge Design Workbook used in the design studios. Learning pathways.


Similar to the DIY Media Toolkits page, with modular toolkit design.

Must present a clear ordering of steps to badge creation.

Revised flowchart of UBC Open Badges process
  1. Getting Started Toolkit ---- similar to the paper based Badge Design Workbook used in the design studios. The planning/process/decision making arena.
  2. Designing a Badge System: learning pathways in more detail, 3Ts
  3. Badge icon design
  4. Wordpress: Setting up your Wordpress CMS or blogs site for badging (plugins etc.) // Login Links // Creating a quiz in LearnDash // Creating badges // Setting badge triggers // Credly Integration
  5. Connect
  6. Credly
  7. Social Media


Information about the pilot projects at UBC.

Blog/Community News


  • additional reading/bibliography
  • forms/pdfs/worksheets