Documentation:WordPress/Plugins/BadgeOS/Creating Badges

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Step 3: Creating Badges

  1. Go to Dashboard> Badge OS > Badges
  2. Click on Add New
  3. You are now able to create a badge. Enter title to add a name to your badge. For example, "Contributor"
  4. Use the visual editor to add the description of the badge. For example "Earn a contributor badge by submitting 2 comments on any of the blog post"
  5. On the right side menu, under Achievement Image, click on set achievement image to add an image to your badge. On best practices on how to create a badge image, see Badge Icon Design.
  6. Under Achievement Data, set a congratulation text. For example "Congratulations! You have earned contributor badge!!"

Step 4: Set a trigger(or steps) for Badges

Trigger is an essential component for badges. Trigger allows you to set the condition for badges. There are many options for triggers: