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Badge types are the general categories you will issue based on what sort of learning or engagement you are aiming for in your course or program. When planning your badge program design you'll need to decide on the types of badges you plan to issue based on the goals of both the course/program and of the badges themselves. Badge programs will often have a mixture of different types of badges on offer to better align with the goals and objectives of the whole program.

Badge Types

Michael Rojas collaboration.png Participation Badge
A participation badge is based on student involvement throughout the course or program.
For example, a participation badge can be earned by commenting on another student's post.
Fiona OM award.png Recognition Badge
A recognition badge is based on developing a particular skill or competency.
For example, a recognition badge can be earned by creating a video and uploading it to YouTube.
Takao Umehara Trophy.png Achievement Badge
An achievement badge is based on accomplishment, like making something or successfully completing a project or quiz.
For example, an achievement badge can be earned for completing a final quiz for a course module.
Luis Prado giving.png Contribution Badge
A contribution badge is based on recognition of individual or group contributions that bring about a specific result or advancement.
For example, a contribution badge can be earned by receiving the highest rating for a blog post.
Creative Stall diploma.png Certification Badge
A certification badge is based on confirmation of a set of characteristics confirmed through a set of combined criteria (e.g. education, experience, etc.)
For example, a certification badge can be earned for attending and participating in workshops, webinars, and lectures on the same topic.

Example of Badge Type Selection

Controller.png Controller Badge for Video Game Law
Description: LAW423B uses a website for community engagement and development around the subject of video game law.

Goal: The instructor wanted to increase engagement in the web content to further develop the online community and increase open conversation.
Badge Type Selected: The Controller badge is a participation badge type that is earned by making at least ten comments on posts and publishing at least five new blog posts on the Video Game Law website. The purpose of this badge is to both reward and track participation on the website.

Getting Started

To plan the types of badges you will offer in your badge system, consider the following questions.

Selecting Badge Types - Questions
  • What do you broadly hope the badges will achieve for your students and your course/program?
  • Are you badging a specific skill set, knowledge, or ability (e.g. developing a video using Camtasia)?
  • What kind of engagement is expected of the student to earn a badge (e.g. commenting on a blog post)?