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Exploring our Foods
FNH200 Cover.jpg
Course Info
Instructor: Judy Chan
Class Time: Summer: T Th 4-7pm
Classroom: MacMillan 166
Office Hours: By Appointment
Virtual Office: Office on Mon, Thur
Facebook Gp: UBC FNH 200 Judy's
Course Syllabus: FNH 200 942 Course Syllabus 2017S
Past Projects: Team Projects 2011-16.
Course Lessons
2017 Summer (July - Aug)
2015 Winter (2016 Jan to April)
2014 Winter (2015 Jan to April)
2013 Winter (2014 Jan to April)
2012 Winter (2013 Jan to April)
2011 Winter (2012 Jan to April)
2010 Winter (2011 Jan to April)

Honorable Videos Produced in 2012Winter

The following videos were informative and educational. Not all good video is listed here.

Tofu Preservation - Best Documentary/Drama

Bake-Off! - Best Reality Show

Energy Drink - Best Drama/Acting

Mechanically Separate Chicken - Simplest and Informative

Quality of Green Tea - Best Documentary

Peanut Butter - Best Documentary

2011 and 2012 Winter Sections: Team Projects

Food Products Topics
Alcoholic Beverages

Stout Beer (2011w)
Red Wine Making Kits Vs. Commercial Red Wine Processing (2011w)
Whiskey Processing (2011w)
Grape Wine (2012w Team1)
Wine (2012w Team2)

Alternative Milks

Alternative Milk Production (2011w)
Soy vs. almond milk (2012w)

Banana Banana (2011w)

Sourdough Bread (2011w Team1)
Sourdough Bread (2011w Team2)

Cake Cake (2012w)

Cheese Safety (2011w)
Processed Cheese (2012w)

Cheetos Cheetos (2012w)

Chocolate Tempering (2011w)
Chocolate (2012w)


Coffee Processing (2011w)
Coffee (2012w)

Cookie Processing of (2012w)

Chicken Processing (2011w)
Mechanically Separated Chicken (2012w)

Energy Drinks Energy Drinks (2012w)
Rice Golden Rice (2012w)
Ice Cream

Ice Cream (2011w)
Ice Cream (2012w)

Gluten Free Foods Gluten Free Foods (2012w)
Cold Cut Meats Processing of Cold Cut Meats (2011w)
Cream Cheese Processing of Cream Cheese (2011w)
Food Colouring Food Coloring Regulations

Kimchi (2012w Team1)
Kimchi (2012w Team2)

MSG MSG (2011w)
Mycoprotein Mycoprotein (2011w)
Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter (2012w Team1)
The Manufacturing of (2012w Team2)

Popcorn Microwave Popcorn (2012w)
Salmon Salmon (2012w)
Spam Spam (2011w)
Strawberry Strawberry Processing (2011w)
Sweetening Agents

Corn Syrup (2011w)
Maple Syrup (2011w)
Natural Vs Artificial Sweeteners (2012w)


Green Tea Production (2011w)
Green Tea (2012w)


Tofu Production (2012w)
Tofu Processing and Preservation (2012w)

Vanilla Extraction of vanilla (2011w)
Whipped Cream Whipped Cream (2011w)
Yogurt Yogurt (2012w)

Team Projects 2012 Winter Session

Presenting here are 25 projects by students in 2012 Winter sessions.

Team # Project Title
Team 01 Microwave Popcorn
Team 02 Coffee
Team 03 Energy Drinks
Team 04 Processed Cheese
Team 05 Tofu - Traditional vs. Commercial Production
Team 06 Soy vs. almond milk processing
Team 07 Cake
Team 08 The processing of commercially bought soft, baked cookies
Team 09 Tofu - Processing and Preservation Methods
Team 10 Golden Rice
Team 11 Kimchi
Team 12 Yogurt
Team 13 Peanut Butter
Team 14 The Manufacturing of Peanut Butter
Team 15 (Grape) Wine
Team 16 Cheetos
Team 17 Green Tea
Team 18 Kimchi
Team 19 Chocolate
Team 20 Salmon
Team 21 Ice Cream
Team 22 Mechanically Separated Chicken
Team 23 Wine
Team 24 Gluten Free Foods
Team 25 Natural Vs Artificial Sweeteners

Team projects from 2011w (2012 Jan to April) can be accessed here:

Poster projects from 2010w can be accessed here:

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