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Assignment Team: Canadian food substitutes, food additives, and food regulations

Due date:

July 21, 5:30 pm (team component)

July 23, 5:30 pm (individual component, to be submitted on Canvas)

This is where you will report research you did on a food your team like and it's alternative (fat free, reduced sugar, etc). This enables us to create a database on ingredients used in our food systems, allowing us to make informed food choices.

Here are some steps and resources to help you create your page and have it appear on UBC wiki, so that it can be easily accessed by your peers and your instructor, and eventually, the UBC community.

1. Login to the UBC Wiki

Click the CWL button on the top of the page and login from there.

2. Create Your Assignment Page

Once your team have decided what product and its alternative to investigate, you may create your assignment page here.

Again, make sure you are already logged in to the UBC Wiki before the next step.

  • Pick your assignment title:
    • Suggestion: use BrandName_ProductName_Detail(IfAny)
    • For example: Kraft_Yoghurt_Peach.
  • Just add the title of your project to the box below and click on the create page button
  • On the edit screen that loads, add some preliminary details to the edit screen and hit SAVE at the top or bottom of the page
  • You may start writing your report here

3. Add Your Information to the Assignment Table

Once you have created your wiki page, add your team information the assignment table below.

4. Begin Writing!

Your new wiki page will be created with some suggested headings and sections.

Assignment Guidelines

Select a food product

Select a food project available in Canada and one of its 'low fat', 'zero sugar', etc. alternative. Your options are unlimited: ice cream, cookies, beverage, and of course the wide and wild range of flavours, too. However, the two products that you are comparing should be similar, with one of them an alternative version of the other.

Post pictures

Include photos of the two products of your choice, clearly showing the ingredient lists and the overall labels - mandatoy, if you don't show it, the TA's can't mark the rest.

Ingredient lists (6 points)

  1. Type out the lists of ingredients
  2. Identify fat substitutes, sugar substitutes, and/or additives used, if there is any
  3. Explain the roles of fat substitutes, sugar substitutes, and/or additives used in terms of the functional properties they contribute to the product
  4. Compare and contrast the lists of the two products and explain differences

Labels (2 points)

  1. Provide detailed description of the information found on the labels
  2. Indicate whether the information complies with the regulatory requirements as outlined in Lesson 04.

Personal Choice

Please submit your individual component here on Canvas to protect your privacy and your personal opinion

What We Investigated

Team Number Product Investigated
0 (Example) MooMooDairy_Yoghurt_WildBerries (please link it to the proper page)
1 Halo Top Chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert
2 Kraft Miracle Whip Original Spread vs. Calorie Wise vs. Fat Free
3 Purdys Mini Hedgehogs vs. No Sugar Added Mini Hedgehogs
4 Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Variations
5 Kraft Miracle Whip and Kraft Fat Free Miracle Whip
6 Coca Cola Original & Coca Cola Zero
7 Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise vs 1/2 the Fat Mayonnaise
8 Regular Gatorade vs. Gatorade Zero
9 Glaceau Vitamin Water vs Glaceau Vitamin Water Zero
10 Original Coke & Diet Coke
11 Breyers (Creamery Style Natural Vanilla and CarbSmart Vanilla) & Chapman's No Sugar Added, Lactose-free Vanilla
12 Chapmans Ice cream (Black Cherry vs No Sugar Alternative)
13 Coca Cola Zero Sugar
14 (Submitted in other format)
15 Breyers Creamery Style Chocolate Ice Cream vs. Breyers Delight Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream
16 Breyers Creamery Style vs Breyers LowCal Delight
17 Pepsi & Diet Pepsi
18 Squish Gummy Bears
19 Western family Caesar dressing and light Caesar dressing
20 Pringles Chips Fat
21 Daiya Vanilla Ice Cream vs. Breyers Creamery Style Vanilla Ice Cream
Oreo Cookies