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Foundations of Conservation
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Course Info
Instructor: M. Fernanda Tomaselli
Class Time: M W F 10-11am
Classroom: FSC 1005
Office Hours: 11-1 on Fridays
or by appointment
(Room 4202, Faculty of Forestry)
Course Syllabus: Add Link to Course Syllabus Here (?)
2017-18 Wiki Projects
2016-17 Wiki Projects

CONS 200: Foundations of Conservation

This course provides an introduction to the philosophies, ideologies and actors that guide multi- level efforts to conserve ecosystems, biodiversity and sacralized places, including the creation of protected areas, reserved forests and marine conservation areas. We follow generally a path from principles/ideologies to processes and on to some practical procedures for management of resources, with conservation of habitat/biodiversity as primary objectives, inside and outside formal protected areas.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide students with the tools for understanding the interlinked structures, processes and drivers for the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems from local to global levels.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to identify and describe:

  • Different philosophical values and ideological approaches to conservation
  • Systems of ownership – statutory and customary – of natural resources and territories
  • Systems of management of natural resources and territories, including marine protected areas
  • Multi-level government and governance systems, mechanisms and processes that impact on conservation
  • Aboriginal/Indigenous/Native Title and Indigenous Rights in national and international law

Wiki Projects

You (and the other three members of your group) will create a Wiki page on a topic of your choice (Assignment #3). All four members of the group will be able to include the link to that UBC-hosted Wiki page on your curriculum vitae.

Please visit the Wiki Projects Page for instructions and a list of possible topics.