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Currently, there is no LTI integration between Canvas and UBC Wiki. Please let us know at if you are interested in integrating UBC Wiki to Canvas so that we can learn the use cases when we develop the LTI.

Meanwhile, this documentation will show you the workaround method on how to embed an UBC Wiki page to Canvas via iframe.


This is an example of a wiki page on canvas via the iframe (workaround) method. Unfortunately there is a scroll bar but contents are still accessible.

wiki page on canvas via iframe

How to embed wiki page to canvas via iframe

  1. Go to the page that you want to embed a wiki page
  2. Get the embed URL: locate the URL of the wiki page you would want to embed. Add ?action=render to the end of the URL. Then copy the url. For example, if you want to embed page, then the the embed URL will be:
  3. Login to your Canvas course ( ) and go to the page that you want to embed the iframe.
  4. On the canvas page, go to insert/edit media and select the Embed. Then type in the following code :

<iframe src="add the embed URL here" height="700" width="100%"></iframe>

and make sure to replace the embed URL with the embed URL you got from step 2 (For example: . If you find hte iframe length too tall or short, adjust the no. on the height parameter.
Go to insert/media and select embed. Then type in the embed code.
  1. Save the page. You have now embedded a wiki page to a Canvas page.