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on the sharebox, it says this resource was created by Rie. It is shared under a CC-BY 4.0 International License
an example of Sharebox template

The Sharebox template offers an option to voluntarily enter your name and/or project members' names for the wiki page and to assign a Creative Commons (CC) license.

Add a sharebox template to your page

  1. Edit the page that you want to add a sharebox template.
  2. Go to Insert>Template
  3. Under Template Search, type "sharebox" and select sharebox.
  4. Under Your name, add your name and/or the names of other authors of the wiki page.
  5. Under Do you want to share your project:
    • If you want to release your wiki page under Creative Commons License type yes in lowercase.
    • If you do not want to release Creative Commons License to your work type no.
  6. Go to Insert. You have now added a shaerbox template to your page.
    Input option for sharebox


  • If you are creating a template for your project using inputbox, you can add an empty sharebox template to your template so that other project members can add their name and waiver of Creative Commmons License by following step 4-6 on the Add a sharebox template to your page
  • Students should never be required or compelled to give up any of their privacy in order to complete an assignment and thus the decision to enter names in the ShareBox should be at the discretion of the student. See Help:Privacy for more info.
  • Students also own the copyright to their work and the decision to add a Creative Commons License to their work should also be at their discretion. See Creative Commons Licenses for more information.