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Web-based Slides

Note: Your slide presentations must be published and made PUBLIC in order for you to embed the presentation. This can be done in the share settings for the tool you are using to host the presentation (ie, Google docs or SlideShare). Slideshare requires a paid PRO account in order to acquire this feature.


Here, you'll need to replace your doc information from the embed code in slideshare. click "embed -> customize" and copy "id" parameter from WordPress short code. Look for something like: slideshare id=17138616. Cut and paste into the code as below:

Wiki Code Display

Google Presentation

Embedding a Google Presentation slide show can done through the Google Presentation widget. Before you embed, make sure you have published your presentation on the Google Presentation through File> Publish to the web.

The docid is the parameter in document URL. Find the docid for your presentation and use the below code to embed it onto a wiki page. For example, if the URL of the presentation is ,the doc id is the bolded part of the URL.

Wiki Code Display
{{#widget:Google Presentation|docid=1KlYe9dwJiO1AF7tlbs-1NHSS0R_M1hVmEyt4BZNro_w}}

Adding presentation slides in Visual Editor

When you insert a widget code (including YouTube, Slideshare, etc.) to the Visual Editor, copy the code then paste it to the Visual Editor. Then click on the code, and press edit. Then, you can change the parameter and press Apply Changes.

Paste the example code to the visual editor. Click on the code, and press edit. Then, change the parameter and press Apply Changes

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