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Course Design Intensive
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Course Design Intensive
Welcome to the resource development wiki for the Course Design Intensive. We hope you’ll find what you or contribute to improving the resource by adding your comments to the discussion pages for the resources you review.
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The CDI resource portal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike 4.0 license.

What Is It?

The Facilitator's Guidebook is intended to be a portal for all resources needed in the facilitation of the CDI. You won't find detailed lesson plans - these are built into the wiki and slide decks. You will find learning goals (for the program and for each day), resources, working docs and resources for download and Learning Plans which we hope will provide the guidance needed to support the course design process that participants will be engaged in.


The major goal for the guidebook is sustainability. We achieve this by:

  • Building on (and refining) past learning plans using the wiki (which allows for detailed archiving via the history without document overload).
  • Collaborating on changes to the core elements of the design of the CDI (goals, processes and structures) to support participants.
  • Using agreed on processes (supporting by the wiki) to contribute to content (editing, embedding, linking, uploading and categorizing) - so they we can find, edit and shift content according to the needs of our participants and preferences of the facilitators.

While we expect the content to shift over time (with changes in the learning landscape and facilitator preferences), we intend to further refine a model that will allow us maximum flexibilty, yet a cohesive approach to the facilitation of the three day session.

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