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The following slide decks have been used in various iterations of the Course Design Intensive offered through CTLT. If you are preparing slide decks or video to embed in a Learning Plan, please add them here as well, so that we always have a curated list to choose from. Note that in order to be embedded on the UBC Wiki, slide decks must be:

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Learner Centered

June 2018

Michael Wesch (on student development theory)- 2014 at Pasadena City College - excerpt from talk (16:15 -19:40)

Backward Design Framework

June 2018

used November 2017

Aligning Course Outcomes

Roselynn Verwood's screencast on aligning outcomes to activities - iterative process.

Outcomes, Alignment and Assessment

Assessment Techniques

From Evidence to Outcomes

December 2019

Challenges to Learning

Reflections on a Course Design