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Note to Facilitators

Session Prep

For every term's offering of the CDI, some preparatory wiki work needs to happen to pave the way for your design tweaks to prepare for the offering you will facilitate.

  • Create a new page for the Participant's Guide. Do that by creating a new page (just replace the date month and year at the end of the url with your new url - you will be taken to an option to create a new page - click create and COPY/PASTE in content from the previous term in order to edit it.
  • Edit Learning Plan pages according to your needs. Important Note: If you are reverting to an older version of a Learning Plan for your session - follow these instructions carefully:
  • choose the version of the page you want: open the edit screen on the page and copy the entire page.
  • now go to the current version of the Learning Plan and paste in the content of the version you want. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO USE THE ROLLBACK or UNDO features that are inherent to the wiki in this case. The reason is that rolling back or undoing edits to a previously saved version will wipe out all edits that occurred after that version was last edited.
  • be sure not to edit any pages that are central to the core of the CDI (learning goals). Resources may be edited but please just add your new resources OR create a new resources page and embed it separately.
  • Revise slide decks - when you want to revise a slide deck with new/ edited info, please note the following steps:
  • copy the slides and rename with a new session (ie Learner Centered May 2018)
  • be sure to revise on the new copy you have made
  • embed your new slides onto the Learning Plan page and on the Media Assets page.
  • Categorize all Learning Plan and Resource pages with: Category: CDI Participants AND Category: CDI Participants date ie Dec 16)

Core Content

There is some content that will typically remain consistent across each offering. Changes may be recommended by the facilitators to the CDI team and discussed in light of the goals and purpose of the CDI and new developments in the field. This consistent content includes:

  • 3 Column Course Planning Doc:

(currently integrated into the CDI Working Guide

Note: best practice is to link text with urls rather than publish them like above. If you must use a url as text - best to use a link shortener like bitly

Helping Hints: Working with docs and pdfs

You may want your participants to work with Google Docs, docx files or pdfs that you create. These hints will help you maximize usability for your participants.

Google Docs

  • create your google doc and set your sharing permissions to public with the link.
  • link the doc to the appropriate page in the wiki (usually a Learning Plan or Participant's Guide). Be sure to follow best practice and link the text.
  • very important: you will want people to edit their own copies of your google doc (rather than your original). To enable this - replace the word "edit" at the end of the google doc url with the work "copy".
  • more on working with google docs

Docx and Pdfs

Here are some of the ways in which you may want to view docs in a wiki page:

  • as a optional link (for download) to allow participants who don't use google docs to download and access their own copy.
  • for participants to access additional readings or resources for an activity (ie for group work or personal work) without having to have multiple print copies of handouts. In this case, you must follow these steps:
  • upload your word doc or pdf to the UBC Wiki
  • ensure that the work is re-usable (via Creative Commons license, public domain or your own work).
  • Usually you will want participants to be able to open the link directly to the article or resource. This requires some link modifying: here are the instructions.

Content Check

  • check all links and display on the Participant's Guide
  • check all links on the Learning Plans
  • make sure the new Participant's Guide (for your session) is linked to the Day 1 Learning Plan.
  • make sure all links are working and active.
  • make sure that all links to google docs force a copy or download of the docs. This way, the template guides and docs won't be overwritten with participant content.
  • use the Learning Plan wikis as your daily guide to facilitation (though you may also need your own lesson plans and notes if you work best that way).

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