Documentation:Course Design Intensive/Criteria for Review

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This documents a proposed criteria for evaluating what should stay/go/be revised. Participants in the discussion

  • learning outcomes
  • participant feedback over at least 2 offerings.
  • constraints (is it doable?)
  • understanding of course design principles
  • serves core intention of CDI
  • flexible enough to adapt to learners needs

Course Design Principles

Our discussion of course design principles. These are our collective thoughts:

  • alignment
  • Learner centered
  • integrated situational factors
  • formative and summative assessment
  • big picture thinking/ the why?
  • learning outcomes (specific enough to generate activity development) - guided by core concepts important for learning
  • incorporates an evaluative feedback loop to determine what learning happened and adjust accordingly

Keep, Drop, Change

  • when recommending things to keep/drop/change, prepare to provide a rationale.
  • all review aspects that stood out/review and take own notes
  • 2 working groups to collaborate and agree on recommendations then debrief together.

Document With Recommendations