Documentation:Course Design Intensive/Facilitators Guidebook/Course Goals/Visioning

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This is a visioning activity - suitable for Day 1 of the Course Design Institute. The intention is for you to use the visioning exercise as a prompt for uncovering what you consider to be the core of your course and what you hope students will take away from their learning experience.

Learning Objective

  • identify one enduring understanding that you hope will stay with learners long after the course has ended.


Imagine it is two years from now and you've run into one of your students who had taken your class this year. He's telling you that the most important thing he learned in your class was X.

What do you hope the X is? Try to give an immediate response. Think about the ideal qualities, attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, skills that your student of the future might possess. Write this down.

If you did this as part of the pre-workshop reflection, has your response changed? If this is the first time you've reflected on this, note your response and (as you go through the process of considering the enduring understandings and learning outcomes relevant to you course) check whether or not what you are designing would support the kind of enduring understanding you hope for.