Documentation:Course Design Intensive/Facilitators Guidebook/CDI Learning Outcomes

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The purpose of a well designed course is to support learning. As such, strong course design is learner-centered. While many variables influence course design, alignment between learning outcomes, assessment approaches, and teaching and learning activities is the backbone of a well designed course.  

During the 3-day Course Design Intensive (CDI), you will be designing or revising a course using principles of a learner-centred approach.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the CDI, you will be able to:

1. Design or re-design a learner-centered course.

2. Apply principles of alignment to your course.

3. Determine various learning activities and assessment strategies that best support your course learning outcomes.

4. Engage in peer learning as a means of iterating and refining your course design.

The Big Idea for the CDI is that course design both influences and is influenced by learning.