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CDI Learning Outcomes (Note: this needed to be a link so that this page didn't show up in the index for participants - I assumed the information was more for Facilitators)


Homework for Day 1

  • Readings

Phone Call

Script for calling CDI participants prior to CDI.

Before hand, pull out information about the person you're calling:

  • Name, Institution, Department, Course they are teaching, Answers to the Pre-CDI Survey (revised and or original) so we can make reference to it (go to to access this information)


  • purpose of the call...we like to touch base with participants ahead of time to see if you have any questions and to go over a few logistics and other
  • we look forward to your participation at the CDI and to working with you on your course
  • recap/refer to some of the info they've provided in the pre-CDI survey (this lets the participant know we've read it and allows them to clarify anything)
  • review the pre-CDI work
  • "Planning your course" (Things to consider) (see wordpress site for full list) Remind them to bring completed version on Day 1
  • remind that participation at all 3 days is expected
  • let them know about food (what will be provided, what they need to provide)
  • to bring any materials and resources that would be helpful to participants in designing their course, including a laptop/electronic notebook
  • if you need to reach us, please email:

Additional notes:

  • let participants know that we will be calling them (in the welcome message sent approx 1 week ahead of time)