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Project Table

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Team # Project Area(s)
01 An evaluation of manatee conservation in Belize
02 Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan 2020: in what way does biodiversity conservation fit in and how well have we performed?
03 Socioeconomic impacts of sugarcane production in Brazil
04 Assisted migration of trees in B.C.: Introduction and key debates
05 Charismatic megafauna: the impact of public bias on conservation goals
06 Biomimicry in urban design: the key to urban biodiversity conservation?
07 Socio-Economic Impacts of Cacao Production in West Africa
08 Trophy Hunting in Southeast Asia
09 The rewilding movement in Scotland: the pros and cons
10 The Truth about Recycling and Waste in British Columbia
11 The Fate of the Snow Leopard in the Mongolian Steppe: The Importance of Grassland Conservation
12 Environmental Impacts of the Rio Summer Olympics 2016
13 An Evaluation of the Conservation for the Spotted Owl in British Columbia
14 The social and environmental costs of coffee farming in Brazil
15 Implications of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion on First Nations communities in British Columbia
16 An Assessment of Baird’s Tapir Conservation in Mexico
17 Environmental impacts of milk alternatives: Which is the most sustainable option?
18 Managing visitor impact in Canada’s national parks: ongoing challenges & potential solutions
19 Threats to the practice of shifting cultivation among Indigenous groups in the Amazon
20 The socio-economic and environmental impacts of ecotourism in Sri Lanka
21 The impact of continued logging operations in Haida Gwaii — ecological and social impacts for the Haida Gwaii Nation
22 Farmers vs Forests: the ongoing conflict between agriculture & conservation in the UK
23 History of the Community Forestry movement in Thailand: What are the impacts, benefits and downsides?
24 Vancouver's Citizen Science on Conservation
25 Current socio-economic and environmental impacts and future concerns of mining and oil development in Northern Canada
26 Parks vs People: the impact of Protected Areas on indigenous tribes in Nepal
27 Community Conservancies across Northern Kenya.
28 Ecological impacts of lionfish invasion in Central America
29 Economic and ecological benefits of integrating non-timber forest product into forest management (planning and practices) in B.C.

An Evaluation of Manatee Conservation in Belize

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