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Mathematics Tutoring Wiki
Welcome to the tutoring wiki for Math. Here is where you'll find links to Math resources at UBC as well as detailed explanations for challenging math topics.
Additional Tutoring Wikis

Welcome to the MathHelp tutoring wiki. This page contains links to math resources at UBC as well as detailed explanations for challenging mathematical topics. MathHelp is a resource for students that has been created by students and eveyone is encouraged to add to it.

Math Tutoring Resources


  • AMS: AMS exam database

Other Math Resources:

  • Algebra Help: Great tutorials from West Texas A&M on concepts related to college level algebra.

Challenging Topics in Mathematics

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UBC Math Course Resources

First Year Math

Math 100: Math 100/102/104/120/180/184: Differential Calculus when you click on the Differential Calculus, you can find more detailed topics.

Math 101: Math 101/103/105/121:Integral Calculus

Second Year Math

Math 221: Math 221/223 :Linear Algebra

  • One good resource is the lecture notes from professor Nike Vastal's math 221 homepage : [2]
  • Another resource is a good book on constrained optimization and linear programming: "Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics" by Alpha C. Chiang (McGraw Hill, 1984), with emphasis on Chapter 12 (especially sections 12/2-12.3 and 12.5) with pages 93-95 relevant for those looking for a treatment of determinants. Calculus textbooks normally do not cover optimization programs.
  • Video lectures of Professor Gilbert Strang at MIT

Math 220:Math 220: Mathematical Proof

First and Second Year Math Exam Resources

The Math Exam Resources wiki offers free study tips, hints and detailed solutions to past exams of the Math Department with a strong emphasis for first and second year courses:

  • MATH101: Integral Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • MATH152: Linear Systems
  • MATH103: Integral Calculus with Applications to Life Sciences
  • MATH220: Mathematical Proof"
  • MATH105: Integral Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences
  • MATH257: Partial Differential Equations

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