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This is the one-stop reference page for contributors to the Math Exam Resources wiki. Please make sure to read and understand the content of the yellow boxes first. Green boxes are good-to-know's, while blue boxes give additional details that you can read when you mastered the basics.

For more details see our manual.

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Where to Contribute

How do you know where to contribute? There are several ways:

  • If you're interested in a particular class, go to that page. Hopefully there will be an in progress exam to work on. If you click on the in-progress exam page, there should be a grid at the bottom, showing the number of each kind of flag. If you want to add content, look under the first column of flags; to review content, see the second column of flags, etc.
    • If there isn't an in-progress exam and you'd like to add one, check with a current admin first, and then see (forthcoming page on adding exams).
  • If you want to add content to any class/exam, see our list of "content needed" flags for questions, hints, and solutions.
  • To review or improve content for any class/exam, see our list of "review" flags (questions, hints, and solutions) or "bad quality" flags (questions, hints, and solutions). These are also linked under the currently open tasks section of the MER contributor's page.
  • In general, any in-progress or completed exam could use more topic tags.
  • If all else fails, there is usually some sort of task list on the contributor's page.