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Physics Tutoring Wiki
Welcome to the tutoring wiki for physics. Here is where you'll find links to physics resources at UBC as well as detailed explanations for challenging physics topics.
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Welcome to the PhysicsHelp tutoring wiki. This page contains links to physics resources at UBC as well as detailed explanations for challenging topics in physics. PhysicsHelp is a resource for students that has been created by students and eveyone is encouraged to help develop it.

Physics Tutoring Resources

UBC Physics Courses and Related Topics:

Physics 101: Energy and Waves

Buoyancy, Pressure, Bernoulli's Equation

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Simple and Damped Harmonic Motion

Waves and the Doppler Effect

Physics 102: Electricity, Light and Radiation

Nuclear Physics




Electric Circuits

Physics 153: Elements of Physics


Thermal properties of matter





Wave optics

Geometrical optics

Elementary electricity and magnetism

Simple DC and AC circuits

Quicklinks to Challenging topics in First Year Physics:

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Motions and Mechanics

Acceleration Velocity Position

Uncertainty and Error


Centripedal Acceleration



Bernoullis Equation


Light Waves


Light Bulbs


Mathematics for Physics

Differential Equations

Isotopes Half Life

Alphabetical Listing of All Topics in the PhysicsHelp Wiki

UBC Student Physics Societies:

UBC Physics Society: private tutors, exam packs, links to resources

FIZZ: Engineering Physics Student Society Homepage: exam database, forums.

Biophysics Student Society: Society Homepage

AMS Tutoring Services: Information about Drop-In, Online, and Appointment tutoring with AMS Tutors.

Non-UBC Physics Resources

Ecole Polytechnic's Quantum Physics online animations/ java applets

University of Oregon Department of Physics vitual lab resources (animations, etc) for learning astrophysics, energy and environment, thermodynamics, mechanics

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