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CTLT Open Learning
Design Group
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Welcome to the shared resource wiki for the CTLT Open Learning Design Group
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The open learning design cpace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Welcome to the sharet planning wiki space for the CTLT Open Learning Design Group!

2019 Group Half Day Retreat Planning

  • Date: Jan 15
  • Time: 9am to 1pm

Brainstorming Sessions Ideas

Have ideas for activities, sessions, or topics to cover at the retreat? Add them below!

Open Learning Design Group Mapping

  • Who are we, what different skills, approaches, styles do we have?
  • What are our 2019 Projects, Services, Workshops etc
  • Where do we see opportunities for collaboration, etc

Blue Sky Planning for 2019

  • If we could do anything, what would (or should) we do in 2019?
  • What areas/services/resources are not supported that could be developed?