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Wiki+Canvas LTI integration

  • Talk to Novak then meeting with Moe about the LTI integration Canvas. Include Pan, and Derek's replacement to the meeting.
  • Will will set up the meeting next week

Wiki Orientation

  • GEOG 352:Orientation at the class.
  • Map Tool


  • Open in Canvas : not really open.
  • Basic CWL = Can login with Canvas but not wiki and wordpress?
  • Problem with 2 factor authentication


  • Explore Map tool on the wiki/documentation
  • ProD on course related templates.
  • Using the "comment/feedback on link" feature on Canvas. So students can comment privately on Canvas.
  • Explore/Re-visit Canvas Commons.
  • LT Hub training canvas catalog (Tim) 9:30-10:30
  • Action item/ upload resources from retreat