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Feb 7

  • Next meeting ->  Retreat: key take aways.
  • outcomes for retreat.
  • Librarian position for open scholarship co-op student. Goal: map out what support around open education/open scholarship.  
  • Christina asked Will to work on finding out cost of material for digital sharing. Information is coming out from the UBC Bookstore.
  • indigenous writer's edit-a-thon.
  • Wiki page on Canvas Catalogue:
  • Canvas Catelogue= not for credit course.
  • Meeting with PressBrook
  • BCNET conference
  • ISW lesson plan -> on wiki.
  • Open Education Week
  • TLEF for Pharmacy. -> open case studies for pharmacy - related to Digital Tattoo.

Feb 21

  • WordPress update in the morning: Glutenberg, future of CMS, no Teaching and Learning stuff in CMS, etc.
  • Indigenous Wikipedia hackathon
  • March 6- Open Education Week
  • Canvas Catelog: Encouraged for open modules as long as it doesn't involve student with credit course.
  • Pharmacy= using it for professional development courses.
  • retreat follow up: Documentation:CTLT Open Learning Design Group/2019 Retreat Connects Across CTLT to support intentional approaches to open sharing of teaching, learning & technology practices and resources.
  • Shared Purpose:
    • Commoning
    • Threat and Risks
    • Flesh out what we mean by "Resources" and what "formats" we want in different platform and to "clarify" before bigger conversation.
  • TLPD Survey of resources - done. The next step: Gillian level .
  • Cultual shifting a bit...= document that
  • Next step: Talk to Kele with open learning design group
  • MarComm = open education .
  • ID team = putting open resources on Canvas Commons.
  • Teaching Learning Professional development= teach online.
  • Inviting Novak = Open Pack.
  • Putting the resources on the open site.
  • IDs and Open
  • Invite Tannis Morgan to talk about open
  • ID CoP = place to connect.
  • Lucas will email Tannis and Will will email Afsaneh
  • Many students= made decision not to publish their work in open. Catch up with Janette and have debrief
  • TLPD Resources. Meeting with Gillian = clarify the intention/support/consideration.
  • Organization tree for core concept of education
  • slide= challenge to address
  • CoP to where to put slides.. Style Guide is important.
    • maybe categorize slides as [[Category:CTLT Slides]] and [[Category:CTLT Resources]]
    • Create template -> template that automatically categorize in 3 categories?


  • invite Tannis. Brownbag session.
  • Follow up with Gillian to clarify the intention/support/conideration
  • Rie and Deb : Work on the template for TLPD Resources. Something similar to: infobox .

Feb 28 - Rie & Deb

A diagram on how the templates/pages can be created.

We discussed using "Add a New Page (Input Box)" to pre-load template as a option.

  • Workshop Materials (slides, handouts, etc) - should be uploaded directly onto UBC Wiki, even when it is available elsewhere digitally (it enables wiki users to search and download the file), and tagged appropriately.

General components of a template that we'd like to include:

  • Infobox for Teaching and Learning Resources Portal?
  • Land acknowledgement
  • Context
  • (Depending on the type of template)
    1. Lesson Plan - Materials, Set up, Learning Outcomes, Activities, etc.
    2. Guides - What is it? Why use it? How to use it? etc...
  • Authorship and Affiliation (credits to invite conversation)
  • CC license (y/n option; template in itself); we discussed briefly re: creating specific templates for Indigenous Initiatives, especially when resources are co-developed with Indigenous community members and scholars (CC License may not be appropriate here)
  • Categories: CTLT Resources, Teaching and Learning, other relevant categories.

We need to identify common templates (e.g., lesson plan, guides, others) before we begin drafting these templates.