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This page is for listing suggestions and to-do's for maintaining and improving the UBC Wiki. Major updates to the UBC Wiki usually take place between terms.

Post Upgrade To Do's

  • http:/https:// - Solve the problem with users having issues with http:// https:// on the wiki. Might need to change the setting in https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgCookieSecure
  • Upload Wizard: Make the Upload Wizard more UBC specific (Replace the tutorial image to https://wiki.ubc.ca/File:Ubc_copyright_tutorial.png , adding custom fields for Canadian government and UBC works. See https://wiki.ubc.ca/Documentation:UBC_Wiki_UploadWizard_Modifications for needed modifications.
  • Embed Page: There is currently no way to embed Wiki page to Canvas or non-wordpress application. There can be a way embedding UBC Wiki - such as by getting a special URL (for embed) from the UBC Wiki side- and then embedding into Canvas. New Wiki is compatible with Rest Api - maybe we can do something with it (embed only the content instead of everything)
  • Analytics/Page Count: Figure out alternative analytics feature for UBC Wiki since the page count feature is gone.
  • Creative commons license on the home page: When users create a new page(does not apply for existing pages for legal reasons), have a small disclaimer on "Agree to make the page creative commons licensed..." , and let them agree to have "Creative Commons licenses" on the page they have created.

Resource Updates


UBC Wiki Upgrade

2018 Jul UBC Wiki Upgrade

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