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Embed UBC Wiki on Canvas (Technology)



  • Cannot change height of the content.
  • need development on wiki side as well.
  • If canvas support variable height for iframe . that will help with development.


  • Canvas is using iframe to use. So same as iframe. The problem with iframe is with height.
  • When you do the LTI (Iframe) -> iframe.
  • Is there any enhancement of LTI approach?

LTI with oEmbed

  • possible to extend height with the content.
  • However, the problem with the method, is cannot create a link. it will switch to another page.
  • oembed is deprecated


  • Putting external JavaScript on canvas level to alternative height of iframe.
  • not possible

How to prioritize/when to schedule

  • Priority: Functionality that existed in canvas = not replicating.


  • Process on the wiki = novak's team work on wiki
  • "Gap" in service model.
  • Wiki is always being positioned as "Content layer". (need it to be able to connect with Canvas and other Learning technology)
  • Does not have to be complicated functionality -> it can be level of tweak.
  • Process of prioritizing = take this to LT ops/Marianne-Claudio and prioritze
    • Instructor ask and Use Case= help to prioritize(Email to Derek/Tammy)
    • 2 ways to prioritize
      • Demand from instructor = forward to LT ops.
      • Prioritize on base on principle (for ex: University strategy to support on Open )
    • Technical piece= complicated.
  • Iframe = Create a documentation as a temporary method.
  • Variable height= Search/Submit the Canvas community.
  • When making small changes to wiki = Better to submit ticket, and then refer the ticket no. on slack channel.