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  • Cross CTLT strategy survey: - Environment Scan on what our sharing strategy is in CTLT (Where we are sharing things) .What's currently going on with CTLT
    • Qualtric survey on Curating TLPD Resources.
      • Define "Resource". Does it mean by collecting individual resource? or just by bunch? -> reword it.
      • Goal of survey: Is it to know where people put resources? or want people to take survey multiple times so Kele can collect where the resources are ?How are resources commonly created? Who (within and outside CTLT) created the resource. Where do the resources live, are they sharable? Jeff wants specific example of resource.
        • Might want to allow to put multiple resources in one qualtric survey.
        • Ask people to fill out top "3" resource on survey.
        • What to do with information that got with the result of the survey?
        • How to define "Sharable?". Some people share, but they are not really adaptable or easy to share.
        • There are many resources available but they are not easily findable or adaptable. The goal is to make the in-house resources available.
        • There are some resources that may not appropriate for CC license. Indigenous Foundation = for example, community that might not prefer to put in CC license.
        • Get to the intentionality part on the question
        • invite CTLT colleagues to Wiki workshop on Wednesday via email.
    • Piggyback the survey Emily is developing.
    • Make the result public so that people can see the result.
    • Next Step: Email CTLT about Wiki Studio, Talk more on Wednesday, Will will share the slide from SMT
  • The ideas of "Commons" can be a hook.
    • TLPD Resource Portal can be renamed to TLPD commons
    • Commons include (slides, community, )
    • Propose a change, invite Deb, and then share out to CTLT
    • Showcase resources on Wiki
    • Report about Paul Stacey's presentation on TLPD presentation.