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May 16th Meeting Items and Notes

Open UBC
About Open UBC
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(Please add!)

  • Open By Default: Where We Are
    • First Step: Infographic and/or 2-Page Report to Christina for SMT meeting
      • Solicit current practices by team: How are we currently sharing with one another
      • Key recommendations
      • Share a TLPD example/pilot - illustrate key findings:
        • Team members' current practice
        • Team member's considerations for sharing
        • Limitations >> could be mitigated via "open by default" with streamlined transparent process.
          • Where to disseminate for those who do not have a platform
          • Sustainability & ownership
          • team members share but not intentionally with one another
        • What are the top 5/key resources/publications from your team? Provide a link.
        • What support would you need to make these resources open?
  • Wiki-Related
    • Wiki to Canvas Update
      • Emily, Will, Rie, and Tim wrote a proposal for integration
      • Technical Problem: Wiki embed via Javascript; whitelist feature (JavaScript but not html?) on Canvas
      • Next Step: Go back to Mo to touch base on this technical challenge and update (Emily)
    • New Infobox Template (glitch is fixed now.Rie is working on documentation)
    • Hoping to improve search feature of the wiki by installing an extension called CirrusSearch in future
  • Future Discussion: 10-15 minutes at all staff meeting to talk about intentional sharing; plug a workshop/lunch and learn

May 30th Meeting Items and Notes

Open Education Fund

  • Applicants: Faculty
  • Library will be partners in this
  • Focused on resources and affordability
  • Collaboration with Institutes for future workshops to share/showcase

Open by Default

  • Consider mapping out "CTLT Resources Framework" at our next meeting