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March 7, 2019

  • mar 7 meeting notes
    Open Education Week Debrief
    • Indigenous Edit-a-thon:
      • Enjoyed the process (e.g., adding citations) and contribute without being an expert
      • BCCampus - funding for another Edit-a-thon in the future
  • Revisit To-Do Items from last meeting:
    • Important considerations for resource curation & aggregation (Rie and Deb: Work on the template for TLPD Resources. Documentation:CTLT Open Learning Design Group/Meeting Notes/Feb 2019#Feb 28 - Rie .26 Deb)
      • The ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible to SHARE on the wiki
        1. Service
          • Wiki as content layer: developing wiki templates (e.g,. Google Presentation Template) to ask for specific parameters when people are developing
          • Presentation/discovery layer:
            • Table Press (aggregator): linking out to existing resource in the wiki
            • Open Problem Library's form as a potential aggregator - Gravity Form "entry" (restricted access?) >> Gravity View "presentation"
            • May have to go through MarComm to ensure alignment with CTLT external presentation/reputation
        2. Admin Control
        3. Metadata
      • Google Slides Template: URL/dock ID; [xxx] Category; CTLT Resource Category (hardcode); embed Creative Commons License (hardcode)

To Do:

  • Follow up with Gillian to clarify the intention/support/consideration re: curated resources on the website
    • Who is the "gate keeper/gardener/curator" for these contents?
    • What are the criteria for inclusion on the website?
    • What are our mechanisms of quality control?
    • What are the 25/50 top resources?
  • TLPD or Open edit-a-thon in the Spring/Summer (3 hour?)
    • Possible metadata: Format (Guides, Lesson Plans, Presentation)/Audience (Faculty, Staff, Students)/Topic (categories) to include on the "private" Gravity Form that is then moderated by a "gate keeper" to final curation
    • Process: 1. Template within wiki to create resource; 2. Gravity form; 3. Curated list on the website