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Bi -weekly planning meetings:

  • Will Engle, CTLT
  • Rie Namba, CTLT
  • Cindy Underhill, CTLT

Topics for Discussion

  • Will (January) leading TLPD in activity around open pedagogy/open practice.


  • Who is already using open practice in TLPD - examples?
  • Why might you use open practice in your work? Why might you not?
  • Open UBC Website
  • remove Summons search from all pages - leave on home page. (Done- Added the metafinder search on "Find Us" )
  • OER metafilter (from George Brown U) much better as a search for OER
  • Teach section: include bookstore video on listing OER through Bookstore
  • Section on using Canvas for Open
  • Supporting students doing work in the open/ acknowledgement of risk
  • focus for the new year (2018)
  • copyright
  • privacy
  • hostility
  • re-use and modification
  • iteration - not perfection
  • capturing your open work - professionally (this could work into a bigger piece - workshops, discussion)
  • Wiki Support
  • re-surgence of wiki training sessions after upgrade.
  • quiz extension being added
  • wiki upgrade may be postponed to new year.
  • edit and curate support documentation for course based wikis
  • wiki map tool - documentation and workshops.