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CTLT Open Learning
Design Group
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Welcome to the shared resource wiki for the CTLT Open Learning Design Group. Open Learning Design is at the intersection of Learning Resource Design and Open Education and we support intentional approaches to open sharing of teaching, learning, and technology practices and resources.
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The open learning design cpace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

This page related to the OLD Group Retreat that took place on January 15, 2019.

Note Files

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Retreat Notes

Elevator Pitch

  • Connects Across CTLT to support intentional approaches to open sharing of teaching, learning & technology practices and resources.

Shared Purpose

  • Collaboration
    • Support experimentation
  • Connection
    • Encourage connections
    • Opportunity for new connections
    • Information sharing
  • Community
    • like-minded individuals focused on "commoning"
    • strategic "doers" who focus on sustainability and values risk-taking

Implementation Goals

Planning Notes

2019 Group Half Day Retreat Time

  • Date: Jan 15
  • Time: 9am to 1pm
  • Location: ORCH3016

Desired Outcomes

  • Group Development
  • What do we want to be
  • Role Defining (What are our roles, how do they relate, etc)
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Shared understanding of our purpose

Tangible outcomes

  • inventory of community needs/skill matching
  • seeing map of what all team members are working on - categorization of priorities
  • blue sky to riff off this - 10 times bolder.
  • strategic priorities from blue sky and map. - what are we missing?
  • some broad goals for 2019 that align with strategic priorities.

Suggested Pre-readings/resources

Suggested Agenda

Note: All times are approximate/estimate

9:00am to 9:15am: Icebreakers!

  • Discussion: Three Unusual Things! Three things about yourself that are unusual
  • Activity: Create Your Superhero Persona! On a sheet of paper, draw, design, describe a super person that represents you as related to your work at CTLT. Give a 30 second talk to the group about the super hero.

9:15 to 9:45: Shared Understanding of Purpose

  • Discussion: Why have we come together? How do we define Open Learning Design? What is the purpose of us meeting as a group?
  • Activity: Create an elevator pitch (imagine SMT or external CTLT folks are the audience). What is the Open Learning Design Group?

9:45 to 10:30: Open Learning Design Group Mapping

  • Discussion: Who are we, what are our different skills, approaches, styles do we have? What are our priorities? Where do we see opportunities for collaboration. Who is working on what and how does it relate to this group?
  • Activity: Creating a map of services/resources/projects that we support

10:30 to 10:40: Break

10:40 to 11:10: Blue Sky Planning

  • Discussion: If we could do anything, what would (or should) we do in 2019? Looking at the map, we just created, what are the gaps that are missing?
  • Activity: 10 Times More Bolder. For this activity, everyone thinks about the previous discussion re open learning design mapping. Considering these goals each person writes down what projects, initiatives or resources they would create, if they were 10 times bolder and they were free of the restrictions, rules and admin in-place at the university.

11:10 to 11:45: Strategic Priorities for Open Learning Design

  • Discussion: Based on blue sky visioning and a look at UBC's strategic plan - what has traction? What might our 2019 Projects, Services, Workshops etc look like (aligned with strategic priorities)?
  • Activity: Let's create a 2019 timeline of our goals, projects, priorities, dreams, hopes, etc 2019

11:45 to Noon: Wrap Up

  • Super Powers Activate!: Let's return to the super personas we created at the beginning. How can or do the personas related to the goals/priorities for 2019?

Noon to 1pm: Lunch & Questions for kele!

Supplies Needed

Emily volunteered to round up the following:

  • pens
  • flipcharts
  • tape
  • Big roll of paper for mapping
  • Coffee (Will will pick some up prior to the retreat).