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2019 Focus

Sep 6 2018

Some things we may want to focus on in the coming year:

  • new documentation for wiki editors
  • architecture for large resource projects (templates, transclusion, infoboxes, etc)
  • understanding the open landscape within CTLT (transparency?)
  • revisiting FIPPA guidelines and instructor support docs on the wiki
  • supporting CTLT open sharing strategy (resource repository):
    • guidelines about organizing things on the wiki
  • strategy for student control of open licenses on the wiki (template based) OR improve open licenses/templates on the wiki.
    • Fix the CC license on the template.
    • Tutorial on how to add CC license to a page.
  • LTI integration between wiki and canvas
  • Workshops/ wiki focus: using wiki as your repository; documenting your practice
  • Brainstorm - wiki user empathy stories: what are the barriers? what are the needs?

Suggested meeting time change to 3:30 - 4:30.

Sep 20 2018

  • Canvas/Wiki integration: Emily initial conversation with Tammy; Canvas strips out https:
    • Will and Emily will follow-up with Pan and Tammy to continue the conversation on integrated wikwi content into CANVAS
  • Rie to do an research on mediawiki and LMS integration
  • Rie updated TEMPLATE:Help page
  • Discussion on Wiki Drop-in - All Day Studio; Tentativelu booked for Nov 7 1-4pm in 2.22 - facilitators: Will, Lucas, Rie, Emily, and Cindy

Description [Will to wordsmith]