Science:MER/Quality control

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It is an essential for the success of the MER project that high quality is maintained throughout the resources that we offer. To accomplish this, the following elements are in place:


Inside the UBC wiki, the Science space is special in the sense that only authorized users can edit content. To get access, talk to the Organizing committee.

Peer Review Process

All mathematical contributions are reviewed by another contributor. For question statements, hints, solutions and tags, this is achieved using flags.

  1. First, a flag will call for contributors to add the relevant content (e.g. a CS flag calls for writing a solution).
  2. Once the content is add to the satisfaction of the contributor(s), the content can be flagged for review (e.g. by changing the CS flag into a RS flag).
  3. Another contributor, not involved in typing the content, will review the content for quality. The pages Statements, Hints, Solutions and Tags contain relevant information for this (what to look for, agreed standards, etc.).
  4. The reviewer choses a matching quality flag (e.g. a QBS flag to indicate there are mistakes and more work to do in a solution or a QGS to indicate the solution satisfies good quality criteria).

Flags serve two purpose: indicate to the contributors where there is work to do and the nature of that work; and inform students of the quality of the information they are reading.