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Question statements are stated as closely as possible to their original statements on the exam.

Adding/Editing a question statement

Question pages are automatically generated with a blank question statement box. Just click edit to start adding content to that hint.

Finding Exam Questions

Exams are published on the UBC Math Department website, sorted by course. There should also be a copy linked on an exam page.

Quality control : reviewing a question statement

Once a question statement has been flagged for review (with a RQ flag), a contributor who has NOT worked on that statement can review its content. There are two possible outcomes of the review:

  • Bad: for a question statement that contains mistakes, typos or formatting errors when compared to the pdf version of the original exam question. In this case, the reviewer has two choices:
    • make the appropriate modifications and leave the RQ flag to invite another contributor to review the new work;
    • OR leave the work as is and change the RQ flag into a QBQ flag to signal the problem to other contributors. In this case, the reviewer is asked to write the reasons for the bad flag in the discussion page to justify and inform other contributors of his decision and the work that needs to be done.
  • Good: for a question statement that is correct and well formatted. In this case, the reviewer changes the RQ flag into a QGQ flag.