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UBC Content Management System

Please Note: A new CLF WordPress Theme (named UBC Collab) was added to the WordPress CMS service in March 2013. Some of the documentation here currently pertains to an older version of the CLF WordPress Theme. New and revised documentation will soon be added to include helpful tips for sites using UBC Collab. Do you have issues with the theme? If so please document here.

Welcome to the Documentation Codex for the UBC CMS Service. Here you can find and contribute to the UBC CMS support and help documentation. The pages below are an effort to document best practices and provide users with tutorials on how to use the WordPress-based CMS service. You can also download this material as a pdf wiki book.

Getting Started

UBC Collab Theme

An implementation of the CLF 7 in WordPress.

Compatibility with UBC Advance Theme

  • Plugins - All third party plugins are available in UBC Collab theme.
  • Theme options and theme specific features - please visit for latest progress.

Current UBC Collab Issues

UBC CLF Advanced Theme

The UBC Advanced Theme is now currently being phased out, please consider switching to the new CLF theme. You can find instructions regarding switching here

The UBC Advanced Theme allows users to develop UBC branded websites using the full UBC common look and feel.

Adding Content

Creating the Site Structure

Adding Functionality to the Site

Custom Coding


User Management

Final Steps

Site Migrations


  • How to - A list of short tutorials on how to get stuff done. Add your questions and we'll try to answer them.
  • Knowledge Base - A very informal space where we capture help requests. Eventually this content will be moved into the main help pages.
  • Index - An index of UBC CMS support pages.


If you couldn't find an answer to your question on the UBC Wiki, you can leave your question on the Wiki, send us a support ticket or visit us for a one-on-one in-person clinic.

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