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This is an informal page for documenting specific questions that are asked about the CMS WordPress service.


Is it possible to shorten or change an internal link on my site?

You can use redirection plugin to redirect a link to a specific url. For example, you can set up redirection to have to redirect to the post at You can find the redirection plugin at Dashboard > Tools > Redirection.


I need a Google Sitemap, why isn't there a Google Sitemap Plugin?

Do you need a Google Site Map? According to experts (Google) small sites say less than a hundred pages do not need a sitemap your content will get indexed. See support thread for details . Also Google Sitemap does not work on a WordPress multisite install which CMS is so for those reasons we will not be adding this feature to the service.

Images, Files, PDFs, Videos and Other Media

Is there any way to create folders in the Media Library so I can organize the images/PDFs?

Unfortunately, there is no way to create folders in the Media Library.

I have lots of PDF documents I want on my site. Can they be hosted on the CMS server or will I have to continue to maintain them myself?

PDFs can be uploaded into the WordPress Media Library. When they are in the MediaLibrary, WordPress will assign the file a specific URL. You can then use that url to create direct links to the files.

How can I create an image gallery on my site?

In order to enable the gallery functionality, simply do the following:

  1. Go to the page or post you'd like to add the gallery to
  2. Click on the "Add an Image" button (found next to "Upload/Insert")
  3. Select all the images you'd like to add from you computer and click "Save all changes"
  4. Click on the "Gallery" tab and arrange all the images in the order you'd like them to appear in (if you click on the "Show" link you can also edit each of the images' attributes as well)
  5. Click "Insert gallery" to insert the gallery into your post
  6. Click on the "Update" button to update your page/post

See also:

Visual step by step guide to WordPress galleries

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Can I upload videos into CMS?

Rather than upload videos into CMS/WordPress, you should instead upload the videos to a streaming media service (such as YouTube or Kaltura) and then embed them into your website.

How do I add a Twitter feed?

Using the default RSS widget:

  1. Go to the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets (make sure the theme you're using has a widget area and you have that widget area enabled)
  2. Drag and drop the "RSS" widget into the primary widget area
  3. Enter your twitter RSS feed URL (it should be in the following format: "" where "account-name" is the twitter account you wish to pull content from)
  4. Enter a title for your feed and decide on any of the additional settings offered by the widget
  5. Click on the "Save" button

Using the Twitter profile widget:

  1. Go to the Twitter Widgets page
  2. Select Widgets for... -> My Website
  3. Click on the Profile Widget link (or you can choose one of the others for different purposes like the search widget)
  4. Select the profile to follow and adjust the settings to your preference (you can click on the Test Settings button to see what your settings will look like)
  5. Click on the Finish & Grab Code button and copy the embed code that appears on the page
  6. Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets on your site (make sure the theme you're using has a widget area and you have that widget area enabled)
  7. Drag and drop the "Text" widget into the primary widget area
  8. Paste your embed code into the content area and give the widget a title
  9. Click on the Save button

Custom Coding

How do we change the site's stylesheet or add our own css?

If you would like to use CSS to add custom style to your site, you can do so using the Custom CSS plug-in. You'll first need to activate the plug-in by going to Dashboard -> Tools -> Plugins and then clicking on activate next to the Custom CSS plug-in. After reloading the dashboard, you'll then see a CSS link at Dashboard -> Appearance -> Custom CSS which takes you to a page where you can add custom styles.



How can I add non-UBC parties to a site?

If you'd like to invite a non-UBC party to your site, you'll have to set up a guest CWL for them first. To learn how to sponsor a guest, follow this link.

Once you have completed this step, you can follow the instructions on this page.

Final Steps