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UBC CLF Theme Options Menu

This page is meant to provide a nice overview of the structure of the UBC CLF Theme Options sections and their subsections. You can click on any of the sections and subsections to visit that section's UBC Wiki page or page heading.

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UBC CLF Options

The following elements can be customized in the UBC CLF section: the CLF header, the location, the Mega Menu dropdowns (these are the Campuses, UBC Directories and UBC QuickLinks buttons), the "a place of mind" dropdown, the search bar, and the footer contact information.

  • UBC Header - The UBC Header section displays a preview of the UBC CLF header's current settings.
  • Header Colour Options - The CLF header colours can be changed in the Header Colour Options section. The changes are immediately reflected in the preview in the UBC Header section.
  • Location - Choose between Vancouver and Okanagan to have the CLF reflect your location.
  • Mega Menu - Enable/disable the Campuses, UBC Directories, and UBC QuickLinks dropdowns (you can see how these look at the top of

Layout Options

Choose the default layout for all pages (will not affect Frontpage layout) in the Layout Theme Options section.

Font and Colour Options

You can customize your site's fonts and colours in the Fonts & Colors Theme Options section.

  • Font Options - Choose fonts and font size scales for your site.
  • Colour Options - Choose your site's primary, secondary, and background colours.

Navigation Options

Enable/disable and change the way your top navigation header, breadcrumb navigation, and previous and next post navigation is presented on your site in the Display Options Theme Options section.

  • Style - Choose your site's top navigation style.
  • Dropdown - Choose the presentation of dropdowns in your top navigation menu.
  • Breadcrumbs - Select the breadcrumb style to showcase your site's hierarchy at the top of the page.

Display Options

The Display Options allow you to enable/disable/alter different display features such as the post's byline, meta data, and comments, as well as the page meta data, favicon, licensing, additional header options and the sub-branding header image.

  • Post Options - Choose a template for the post byline and post meta data.
  • Archive Options - Enable/disable post thumbnails on category archive pages.
  • License - Select a default website content license.
  • Header - Enable/disable the header widget area and choose whether to display the site name and tagline under the top navigation menu.
  • Header Image - Set up default sub-branding imagery on your site.

Frontpage Options

You can configure your frontpage in the Frontpage Theme Options section.

  • Content Area - Add/remove content columns and enter your frontpage's main content.

Custom Fields Options

The Custom Fields section allows you to enable the following 5 settings on your site: Custom Javascript, Custom CSS, Real Post Author, Page Permissions, and Post URL overwrite.

  • Real Post Author - Enable option to show real author of post/page even if they are not a member of the site.
  • Page Permissions - Enable the option to display your content to a selected audience based on user levels.
  • Post URL overwrite - Enable option to redirect pages and posts to a different URL once their URL is displayed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Options

The Search Engine Optimization options allow you to change your HTML title tags as well as set up search data analyzation tools.

  • SEO Options - Change your pages' default HTML title tags.

Export Option

The Export option allows users to copy their CLF Theme Options from their CMS site to another CMS site.

Import Option

The Import option allows users to import all the CLF Theme Options from another CMS site to their CMS site.