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2020 Projects

Project No. Your Faculty Your Majors Project
01 Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Studies
02 Forestry Natural Resource Conservation
03 Commerce Accounting
04 Arts Psychology
05 Land and Food Systems Global Resource Systems
06 Arts Geography Course:EOSC311/2020/Hazard_Mitigation_for_earthquake_threats_in_the_Vancouver_area_surrounding_the_Cascadia_Subduction_Zone
07 Land and Food Systems Global Resource Systems
08 Forestry Natural Resource Conservation
09 School of Health and Exercise Sciences Human Kinetics Course:EOSC311/2020/Mitochondrial Function in the Tibetan Plateau
10 Arts Geography The Evolution of Socioeconomic Structures in the Resource Communities of British Columbia
11 Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Studies
12 Arts Geography (Environment and Sustainability) Geology_and_Geography_of_Bogs
13 Commerce Accounting The Value of Gold in the Global Economy
14 Arts Geography (Environment and Sustainability) Course:EOSC311/2020/Sustainable Communities: Landslide Risk in Vancouver
15 Arts International Relations and Geography (Environment and Sustainability)
16 Arts Geography (Environment and Sustainability)
17 Commerce Finance Comparison of the Pricing of Gold and Oil in The Market
18 Commerce Operations and Logistics, & OB/HR Geology: Key in Large Projects' Operations
19 Arts Anthropology Jeju Island and UNESCO Labels
20 Health and Exercise Science Clinical Physiology
21 Commerce Marketing
22 Arts Anthropology
23 Arts Psychology Shaping Environmental Attitudes
24 Arts Anthropology/

25 Arts Psychology