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ASIA 319
Contemporary Chinese Popular Cultures
UBC Asian Centre, Bell Shrine, Winter 2013.JPG
Course Info
Instructor: Dr. Renren Yang
2022 Wiki Projects
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Team # Project Area(s)
01 EC, TK, WX, XY "Volution" (卷)
02 KZ, KL, HX, JR "Bromeo" (基)
03 FZ, SG, AZ, VJ "Milky" (奶)
05 AT, EC, LL, RZ "Alluring" (撩)
06 ST, MH, JK, HS "Punch_line" (梗)
07 JD, CY, CZ, TZ "Scum" (渣)
08 SF, LF, RW, NS ”Fan" (粉)
09 AP, GL, SL, JD "Complex" (控)
10 SL, KB, KJ, KT "Meat" (肉)
11 AC, YL, MM, KH "Terrifying" (雷)
12 CF, AZ "Countenance" (颜)
13 SD, LN, QY, RL "flop" (糊)


Team # Project Area(s)
01 AS, CH, EU, NL "Masochism" (虐)
02 MC, HT, RT, YQ “Demoralising"(丧)
03 EL, YL, AS, JY "Otaku" (宅)
04 HC, RK, JC, YS "Stimulating" (燃)
05 JB, AK, FY, RW "Sweet" (甜)
06 BH, YH, JH, ER "Awkward" (囧)
07 AC, JS, SW, SP "polluted"(污)
08 YW, YX, JC, LL "Blackness"(黑)
09 JC, SK, DH, AL "Greasy" (油)
10 PS, HL, KH, SC "Outstanding" (赞)
11 SW, SY, CZ, DZ "Cool" (酷)
12 HL, JL, TL "Gufeng" (古風)