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Group 1

Group Members:

  • Michael Fu
  • Adam Ohashi
  • Jerry Chang

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for Friday, September 9th

Meeting Minutes for Friday, September 16th

Meeting Minutes for Friday, September 23rd

Meeting Minutes for Friday, September 30th

Meeting Minutes for Friday, October 6th

Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, October 19th

Meeting Minutes for Friday, November 4th

Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, November 9th

Meeting Minutes for Friday, November 18th

Timeline (Sept. - Midterm)

September to Midterm

Gantt Chart

Midterm to Final

Gantt Chart

Excel File for Gantt Charts

Midterm Material

Midterm Report

Midterm Report Rough Draft

Midterm Presentation

Midterm Presentation (October 14)

Literature Review

Background Information

Adhesive Bonding

Journal Article: Adhesion and Interface

Joining techniques for aluminium spaceframes used in automobiles: Part II

Experimental and numerical analysis of single-lap joints for the automotive industry

Aluminum in Cars (Comparisons to Steel)

Aluminum in Commercial Vehicles

Aluminum Alloys: Promising Materials in the Automotive Industry

General: Aluminum Alloys

Paint Baking of Aluminum

The effect of cold work on the precipitation kinetics of AA6111 aluminum

Dupont Paint and Coating for Metal Exteriors

More detals on paint baking cycle

Coatec India Cathodic Electrocoating

Group Notes on Background Literature

Adhesive Bonding - Judy

Adhesive Bonding Review


[From Adam]
  • Valuable coverage of different types of joining in Al alloys
  • Strong comparisons made between advantages and disadvantages in adhesive bonding
  • Could use a section on how the adhesive bonding/curing process is carried out
  • More processing parameters/boundary conditions could be useful

Aluminum in Cars (Comparison to steel) - Adam

Notes: Literature Review - Aluminum in Cars - UPDATED 21/09/2011

Comments from Chad


General: Aluminum Alloys - Jerry

Aluminum alloy(application, composition and usage)

Comments from Chad)


[From Adam]
  • Good use of images/tables to display comparisons
  • Potentially useful data & values found for specific Al alloys
  • Need more information on comparisons of Al to Steel

Paint Baking of Aluminum - Michael

Paint Bake Cycle

Comments from Chad


[From Adam]
  • Good preliminary look into the paint bake cycle, however not particularly detailed
  • Clear understanding of 3 definite steps associated with paint baking
  • Need more parameters, boundary conditions


Adhesive Bonding/Curing Model

Recovery Softening Model

Recovery Model

Precipitation Hardening Model

Heat Transfer (Thermal) Model

Group Notes on Model Review

Adhesive Bonding/Curing - Judy

Recovery Softening - Adam

Precipitation Hardening - Judy

Heat Transfer - Jerry & Michael

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