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Template for weekly meetings

Introduction Slides (Sept 7)

Project Management Slides


Adhesive Bonding

Journal Article: Adhesion and Interface

Journal Article: Cure Kinetics Model (to be used for the project)

Aluminum in Cars

Aluminum Automotive Manual

Review by Jurgen Hirsch

Materials in Automobiles

Can aluminum be an economical alternative to steel?

General: Aluminum Alloys

Introduction to aluminum alloys and tempers

Paint Baking of Aluminum

Interesting slides but not useful as a reference!

Modelling of Recovery

Model for Recovery

Modelling of Precipitation Hardening

Part 1 of Paper by Shercliff and Ashby

Part 2 of Paper by Shercliff and Ashby

Variation on the Model by Shercliff and Ashby

A Process Model: Non-Isothermal Heat Treatment

A paper giving an idea on using process model for optimization

Experimental Data

Data on recovery of 5754 (from work of Go et al) .xlsx file

Data on precipitation hardening of 6111 (from Esmaili et al) .xlsx file

Group Pages

Page for /Group1

Page for /Group2

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MTRL 466 Design Project "Adhesive Bonding of Automotive Aluminum Sheet"
MTRL 466
Instructor: Chad Sinclair
Office: FF411
Office Hours:
Class Schedule: Wed 13-15, Fri 12-15
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