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Welcome to the tutoring wiki for biology. Here is where you'll find links to biology resources at UBC as well as detailed explanations for challenging biology topics.
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Welcome to the BiologyHelp tutoring wiki. This page contains links to biology resources at UBC as well as detailed explanations for challenging topics in Biology. BiologyHelp is a resource for students that has been created by students and eveyone is encouraged to help develop it.

Biology Tutoring Resources

UBC Biology Courses and Related Topics:

BIOL 112: Biology of the Cell

Cells and functions of cells

Proteins and enzymes


Gene regulation in prokaryote and eukaryote

PCR and Genetic Engineering



Cellular respiration & fermentation


Elemental cycles

BIOL 200:Fundamentals of Cell Biology

Cell organelles and microscopy

Biological membranes

Nuclei and chromatin

From genes to proteins

Endomembrane systems

Mitochondria and chloroplasts


[Cell cycle and mitosis]]

BIOL 234: Fundamentals of Genetics

Quicklinks to Challenging topics in First Year Biology:


Proteins and enzymes

Transcription in prokaryotes

Eukaryotic transcription and translatipn

Prokaryotic gene regulation

Eukaryotic gene regulation

Photosynthesis: Calvin's Cycle

Alphabetical Listing of All Topics in the BiologyHelp Wiki

BIOL 112

UBC Student Biology Societies:

Science Peer Academic Coach: Peer Academic coach sessions and workshop on study skills for Biology and other sciences

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