Cellular respiration & fermentation

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Cellular respiration

Describe the general process of electron transport and how it creates the proton gradient.

Relate the process of diffusion to the generation of ATP and link this to chemiosmotic synthesis of ATP.

Be able to recognize simple examples of oxidation and reduction used by organisms to generate ATP.

Contrast the role of the carriers such as NADH and NADPH in metabolism of microorganisms.

Compare the role and properties of the terminal electron acceptors in fermentation and chemiosmosis.

Recognize process of oxidation and reduction of molecules used by living organisms to extract energy.

Describe the process of substrate level phosphorylation.


===Describe the process of fermentation and how end product such as acids and ethanol play a role in NAD+ regeneration. Evaluate the effects of alternate growth conditions, such as the presence of oxygen, on organisms that can grow by fermenting and respiring.===

Describe why growth in the presence of oxygen is problematic for cells.