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Describe the sources of electrons used to generate the proton gradient in oxygenic phototrophs.

Identify the source of high energy electrons and the terminal electron receptor (TEA) in oxygenic photosynthesis

Trace the path of electrons in oxygenic photosynthetic photosystems starting with PSII and ending with the TEA. Indicate electron energy levels in this path

Describe the light reactions of oxygenic photosynthesis in terms of generation of ATP, sources of reduced NAD(P), type and number of photosystems, and by-products of ATP/NAD(P), generation.

Describe how the Calvin Cycle uses NADPH and ATP to reduce CO2 and “fix” carbon to make glucose

Identify the locations of oxygenic photophosphorylation and the Calvin cycle in chloroplasts

Describe the characteristics of chloroplasts and mitochondria that support the Endosymbiosis Theory for their origin